The following photos were scanned at the 1997 Khe Sanh Veterans reunion in Saint Louis on July 9th - 13th. The photos taken by Glenn Prentice were taken on his last trip to Khe Sanh in 1996. The photos contributed by Dave "Bulldog" Smith were taken in May and June of 1997.

To view a full size image, click on one of the small images below. Full captions and photo information will be included with the larger image. 

  The site of the Combat Base, looking east to west.

  Hill 881 South

  Area at Khe Sanh that used to be an ammunition dump

  A typical Bru hut in Khe Sanh Village

  Dud ammunition the Bru dig up to sell for scrap metal

  Lang Vei Special Forces Camp

  Hill 881 North

  NVA victory monument at Khe Sanh

  The "Rockpile" east of Khe Sanh