These are some pictures that I took in the Recon area after the base had been under attack for a month or so. I lost my camera and all my photos on the morning of January 21, when the ammo dump blew and our tent was destroyed.

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  Louie Deluca, from New York, writing a letter home. Taken inside our Recon bunker.

  Louie Deluca inside the Recon bunker reading a Hot Rod magazine.

  Sgt. Herb (on the left) and Lt. Waddell (on the right) in the main trenchline that ran through the Recon area.

  The rear entrance to our Recon bunker. Note the destryoed sections of a 122mm rocket laying on the roof of the bunker. This 122mm rocket hit the end of our bunker but no one inside was injured. A few of us had ruptured eardrums from the concussion, but no other injuries.