Most of the photos on this page were scanned at the Khe Sanh Veterans reunion in Saint Louis in 1997. A lot of folks took the time to share their photos and I was able to scan about 300 pictures. This web site doesn't have enough space to display all of them, so I'll try to rotate the pictures on this page. I'll give credit to the photographer if I can.

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  A view of the Combat Base taken from the top of Hill 950. The river valley and parts of the river can be seen in the middle of the photo.

  Bunkers in the 1/13 artillery battery area.

  The CH-53 that crashed near the recon area. Both pilots were killed in the crash.

  The COMM-Tech bunker in 1/13 area after a direct 122mm rocket hit.

  One of the first convoys out of the base after the Siege was lifted. This was taken on the access road on the way out to the hi-way. Notice all the bare dirt and shredded trees.

  The same area of the access road taken before the Siege. Photo donated by Jim Wodecki.

  The French female reporter that visited us. Notice the recon guys in the background checking out the first female we had seen in 4-5 months.

  Ken Doss holding the confederate flag that flew over one of the 1/13 bunkers. People thought the flag was used as an aiming point by the NVA gunners, but Ken refused to take down the flag.

  Lionell Guerra from Bravo Company, 3rd Recon.

  Lewis "Sam" Messer with CBMU-301. This is how we all looked 30-40 days into the siege. Our clothes were ripped and stained red by the mud or by blood. We were a scuzzy bunch until some brass saw how we looked and then someone did manage to get us a few new uniforms.