The following maps were scanned from Ray Stubbe's book, "Valley of Decision" or from my original topo maps from my recon patrols. I kept copies of all my maps and have an entire map set from Quang Tri City to the DMZ. I also have maps of Hue City and DaNang. I'll post more maps as I get them scanned and uploaded.

If you want to see a map of a certain area, leave me e-mail and I'll scan the area if I have the map.

Quang Tri Province  Northern Quang Tri province showing the locations of outposts and cities near the DMZ.

Area Map  A map showing the base in relation to the hills, Lang Vei and Khe Sanh Village

Base Map  Map showing main unit locations, perimeter and airstrip.

Unit Locations  Map showing main unit locations on the outlying hills.

Lang Vei  Map of the Army's Special Forces Camp at Lang Vei.
The tanks in the map indicate the PT-76 Soviet tanks that overran the base on 02/07/1968.