The final letter received by Tim's parents, written approximately two days before he was killed.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Hello parents! Listen, I'm sorry I've waited so long to write, but I went to Bangkok for 7 days, and when I got back, we were pretty busy. I guess you've heard a lot about Khe Sanh on the news & stuff, but don't worry! I'll be honest with you, we've been getting hit with rocket & artillery every day, & they've surrounded us, but if you've seen the support we get, you'd feel as good as I do.

We have built a bunker so good, nothing could get through it - believe me.

We have jets bombing the area every 15 minutes, gunships, "puff", & B52 bombers every day, about 7 times a day. They drop (9 of them) 50 - 750 pound bombs every time. Feel a little better? I have not been scratched! The American flag flies atop our hole, unscathed!

We call ourselves the "glorious untouchables" and we've been put in for two more medals. How about that?

I'm pretty sure they'll be pulling us out after all this is over, 'cause we've lost about 40 in a month - maybe we'll go to Okinawa or something!

Bangkok was really great! I'm gonna go back there some day - met some really good people there. Thailand people are really friendly & good to Americans. It was a terrific R&R!

I have a lot of work to do. Take care of yourself, and remember - I am fine - morale is terrific, and the guys are fighting their hearts out. Keep praying as I am, and we'll keep fighting for you.

I made TV carrying a wounded News Coresspondent down the street - look for me on CBS! How about that?

Don't worry, please - there aren't enough of them!

Give my love to all, and I'll see you in 4 1/2 months. Love you all, Tim