Roger Howes was in Tim's bunker and wrote a letter to his mother about Tim's death. Mrs Howes wrote the following letter to Tim's parents.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Barmmer:

As soon as my son, Roger wrote of the death of Tim I asked him for your address, but since then I have rec'd it from Sandy Stone. My heart aches for you and the tragic loss of your wonderful son.

Rog would mention Tim in almost every letter and would say "thank goodnes for Tim, my best friend to make this place bearable." I will quote you Roger's letter to me.

"Yesterday evening we were sitting in our bunker eating C rations and a rocket came in about three feet from it. Huck (Tim's nickname) Doc, Mac and Zeke were outside heating chow. Huck tried to push them in like the big stupid loveable guy he was and took the blast and was killed instantly. The other three are in serious condition and sent back to the States.

My God, what a dear friend we've lost, Huck was big and big hearted, he could be gruff yet gentle. We loved him like a brother and he left an impression that could never be forgotten. Everyone in our company could not help but like him. He was first to help a new guy coming in. He was the first one to welcome me here. This place can never be the same without him.

God had some purpose in it I know, but Oh God, will we miss him. Could you do me a very great favor and have a Mass said for Huck. His name is Timothy Barmmer. Thanks Mom, so much."

I had the Mass said for him from Roger the next day.

Sandy found my name in the phone book and called me so I went over to her home and showed her Roger's letter. She is a charming girl.

I hope you don't mind my writing this to you but I know if someone thought as much of my son I would like to know about it.

Sincerely yours, Viola Howes